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Cleveland May Build A Dirt Bike Park After All

21 hours ago

After previous plans to build a city dirt bike park stalled, Cleveland is trying again to offer motorcycle and ATV riders a venue to pop wheelies — off the street and out of traffic.

Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration is searching for a consultant to help select a site, design team and operator for a future track. The city also is planning a series of street bike events at recreation centers this summer, followed by a festival at the Muni Lot in August.

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Photo of Mayor Frank Jackson
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Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland police have announced that, over the coming weeks,  they’ll be rolling out new legislation aimed at improving the safety of motorized dirt bikes.

The proposal includes increasing penalties for illegal riding, prohibiting stunt riding, and avoiding chasing bikes with police cars. The city also plans to collaborate with dirt-bike advocates, often referred to as the Bike Life community, to increase outreach and education about the dangers and legality of the bikes, says Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

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Cleveland police are not doing enough to control dirt bike riders illegally using city streets, according to Councilman Zack Reed. And he says that is leading to more brazen behavior from the riders. Police officials say a new policy is on the way.