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photo of North Hill's PLAV
Rosalie Murphy / The Devil Strip

When you think of the face of Akron’s North Hill these days, your first thought may be of the Bhutanese immigrant community that now calls it home. But one of the vestiges from a previous wave of immigration can still be seen in the form of the Polish Legion of American Veterans. While the Polish community there is not what it once was, two brothers are doing their best to keep Pulaski Post 32 going. Their story is featured in the new edition of the Devil Strip. 

Rosie Murphy / The Devil Strip

Akron’s Innerbelt never lived up to its potential. It never even came close. The highway was supposed to give Akron’s suburbs easy access to downtown, but the road was never completed as intended. The bigger problem is that entire neighborhoods were bulldozed to make way for the highway.

Some of that history and the voices of a few of those who were affected are the focus of a story in the new issue of The Devil Strip:  "A Road to Nowhere: How the Construction of the Innerbelt Displaced Thousands" by Noor Hindi.


A performance tonight at one of Akron’s underground venues blends experimental music and visual art.

For this week’s Shuffle, The Devil Strip magazine’s music editor Brittany Nader says the show is organized by Hive Mind, which is one of Akron’s do-it-yourself spaces that showcases independent artists.

Hive Mind
Hive Mind

This week, WKSU is kicking off Shuffle – A weekly look at Northeast Ohio’s music scene -- from rock and rap to folk and classical. For the first installment, Amanda Rabinowitz stopped by Akron’s Devil Strip Magazine to talk with Music Editor Brittany Nader about Akron’s growing DIY underground music scene.