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A bill that would have allowed an extension of benefits to unemployed Ohioans who are at risk or have medical conditions that could be deadly if they contract COVID-19 has been in the works at the Statehouse. But the sponsor of that legislation says it is not necessary now that Gov. Mike DeWine has issued an executive order.

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When animals are put to sleep in Ohio, they are most often euthanized with medications administered by a veterinarian. But there have been some cases where dogs and cats have been put down in gas chambers. There’s a bill that would make that practice illegal.

State Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus) says most veterinarians use drugs to euthanize animals but he knows of one Ohio county that has put animals down in gas chambers, which can cause animals to suffer before they die.

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The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed an NRA-backed gun bill 64-26 but not without controversy and an intense debate on the House floor.


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There still are no voting sessions scheduled in the Ohio House because majority Republicans haven’t decided on who will lead the chamber through the end of this year. Backers of the representative with the most support so far are calling for a vote now.

Eleven Republicans who back Rep. Ryan Smith’s effort to take over for former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger through the end of this year say it’s time for the full caucus to vote. 

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Some Democratic lawmakers want an independent investigation into what prompted Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger to resign.

Rep. David Leland says Rosenberger is the first Ohio speaker to resign in disgrace since the state was founded in 1803. And Leland wants to know why the FBI is asking questions about Rosenberger.

“Well, I think it must be serious," Leland says. "I don’t think someone resigns from one of the three most important positions in the state of Ohio for no reason.”

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein and state Rep. David Leland are criticizing HB 228, a measure that would establish Ohio as a "Stand Your Ground" state while limiting local gun control measures.

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A central Ohio lawmaker is seeking a ban on fracking in certain parts of the state. The proposal comes as a commission that regulates this types of drilling prepares for its first meeting.

Democratic Rep. David Leland wants to prevent oil and gas companies from drilling in public parks and nature preserves.

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The future looks murky for a bill that seeks to loosen gun regulations in Ohio. The so-called Stand Your Ground bill was moving through the House but may have stalled with the recent rhetoric on gun control including from Gov. John Kasich. 

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Many people in Northeast Ohio are rooting for the Cleveland Indians as they play in the American League Division Series. But some baseball enthusiasts are hoping they'll take time this weekend to remember an Ohioan whose baseball career was cut short because of racism. Today is Moses Fleetwood Walker’s birthday and thanks to a new state law, he will be honored on that day every year.


Ohio tax law still has a “marriage penalty," when married couples file jointly and pay more in state income taxes than they would pay separately if they were single. The issue has resulted in a union of an unlikely pair of sponsors.

“Our tax code encourages people to shack up rather than be married, and that’s just plain wrong," says conservative Republican John Becker of Cincinnati. He's vowing to giving married couples the option of filing state income taxes separately. He and Democratic Rep. David Leland of Columbus are sponsoring the bill.

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Democrats in the state Legislature are supporting a new bill that would officially denounce white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

Democratic Rep. David Leland’s bill would recognize white nationalists, neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups as terrorist organizations. And it would direct police to track those groups, as they do other similar ones.

“These people are terrorists, and we need to treat them as such and we need to call them out.”

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Some state lawmakers have been questioning how much revenue is lost as a result of a recent tax break for small businesses. One Democratic representative says an analysis of that tax cut shows it's only helping a select few Ohioans. 

Representative David Leland says he asked the Legislative Service Commission to determine who is taking advantage of Ohio’s personal income tax exemption for small businesses. Leland says he was shocked to find the tax savings were primarily going to the top one half of one percent of high wage taxpayers.

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A resolution that would make Ohio the 10th state to demand a convention of states to amend the U.S. Constitution is raising concerns among some state lawmakers.

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Now that the election is over, lawmakers will be coming back to work at the Statehouse for the lame duck session. But the presidential race is likely to come up in what they discuss. 

Republican Donald Trump may have won Ohio by 454,000 votes, but Hillary Clinton is leading in the popular vote by more than 2 million ballots. Rep. David Leland of Columbus, who’s the former head of the Ohio Democratic Party, says that shouldn’t happen.