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A retired Stark County judge sentenced Lance Mason to life in prison today.

Mason is a former Cuyahoga County judge who assaulted and fatally stabbed his ex-wife, Aisha Fraser, late last year. Mason had previously pleaded guilty to the murder and other charges.

This is Akron: Crime, Gunfire Leave Akron Residents Shaken

Apr 7, 2019
A photo of Rochelle, left, and Ryan Reed with their children Mackenzie Steiner 11, Sam Bartel 22, and Kaiden Gomes at their home on South Arlington Street on Friday, March 29, 2019 in Akron, Ohio.

Jacqueline Easley feels a deepening dread every Thursday.

"It's the weekend, and I wonder who's going to get shot and killed now," said Easley, 59, who lives in West Akron and owns a beauty shop on Copley Road.

She usually keeps those worries to herself. But after seeing a group of high school girls at an Akron City Council meeting April 1 — the night after two Akron men were killed in separate shootings — Easley took the mic.

This is Akron: Annual Poll Spotlights Top Issues This Election Year

Mar 17, 2019
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Mike Cardew / Akron Beacon Journal/

What’s the matter with Akron?


“I think here where I work it’s probably the crime and then — second — the roads,” Rebecca Atkinson said with a disconcerted laugh. The manager of Maple Valley Cleaners on Copley Road recently moved from a West Akron apartment to a "more residential area" in Firestone Park, where it’s “a little quieter” and fewer people rent.


In her 18 years on the job, she’s watched robberies rise and business decline. “It’s slowly slipping away,” she said.


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Ohio Redevelopment Projects / FLICKR

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, Feb. 7:

Cleveland State of the City

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s State of the City speech Wednesday night focused on two issues more than any others: crime and public education. Jackson highlighted the city’s current efforts for addressing crime and a couple initiatives for education.

Jackson worked the stage at Public Auditorium for an hour, reciting numbers of sidewalks fixed, buildings demolished, police officers hired, development projects funded and so on.

photo of Akron Beacon Journal

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, September 20:

  • Akron City Council calls for crime-riddled store to close;
  • Yost finds millions in savings for school districts;
  • Advocates concerned after Akron voted to close down tent city for homeless;
  • Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis gets 1,000th career hit in second win against White Sox;

Akron City Council calls for crime-riddled store to close

Kent Church Vandalized For the Second Time

Oct 18, 2017

A African-American church in Kent has been vandalized for the second time within the last few months.

The Spelman AME Church was covered in hateful messages and ‘satanic’ and ‘graphic’ images earlier this month according to the Rev. David Dawson.

This follows an incident in August where the front door window was broken.

Akron is Seeking Comprehensive Youth Violence Solutions

Mar 14, 2017
James Hardy
City of Akron

The city of Akron will begin looking for data-driven solutions to youth violence. City officials are starting their first comprehensive study of the issues facing Akron’s young people. 

Authorities Identify the Man Killed in the Kent Standoff

Feb 20, 2017

The man allegedly involved in a hostage situation in Kent has been identified as 27-year-old Kent resident Christopher Carter.

Kent police arrived at the Villages at Franklin Crossings apartment complex around 12:30 Sunday afternoon following reports of drug activity.  Carter fled to a basement laundry room where he allegedly held a woman at knife-point. reports state investigators recovered a knife from the scene.

More Killings Reported in Northeast Ohio Cities This Year

Dec 29, 2016

Homicide rates this year in many Northeast Ohio cities will top last year.  And law enforcement officials are looking for answers.

Duane Deskins

Cleveland now has a cabinet-level chief to guide its new youth-violence prevention team.

Today Mayor Frank Jackson announced the appointment of Cuyahoga County’s lead juvenile division prosecutor, Duane Deskins, to the position. As WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports, Deskins will run a program that will attempt to cut youth violence by coordinating new and existing resources.

Crime and Violence Top the List of Concerns for Ohioans in 2016

Nov 3, 2016
Police advancing on protesters after the Michael Brelo verdict

In May, Ohioans were asked to name their biggest concerns for 2016, and crime and violence were in the top 10 issues.

The initial poll of 1,001 people done in May for Ohio news outlets showed that people defined crime and violence in multiple ways, among them as a need for gun regulation or guns for protection, concern for terrorism, and some for protection from  immigrants.

Also on people’s minds were the sharp increase in drug overdoses and police shootings in Cleveland, Cincinnati and across the country.

Thomas Cottrell

  The Knox County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man with a long criminal history in the killing of a police officer in a small north central Ohio village. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.