kayakers in the Cuyahoga River

The Cuyahoga River is now officially the 13th water trail in the state of Ohio. The designation was celebrated with a ribbon cutting at Water Works Park in Cuyahoga Falls.

Some of the participants in the designation ceremony paddled to the site at the Peninsula shelter next to the river.

Fifty years after it last burned the crooked river’s transformation from ecological disaster zone to water trail will lead to better management and a better user experience, according to Andrea Irland. She is an outdoor recreation planner for the National Park Service. 

Mark Arehart / WKSU

The Cleveland Museum of Art is getting serious about the conservation of Chinese paintings. The museum is using $3 million in grants to establish a center to maintain and restore some of its most delicate works of art.

Satellite image of the Great Lakes

In 2017, President Trump proposed cutting $300 million for Great Lakes projects. That money stayed in the federal budget, but as a new year begins, environmental advocates have lots of concerns – including cuts to the EPA. 

Groups throughout the region plan to take the fate of the Great Lakes into their own hands in 2018. That means working with communities on climate change and collaborating to clean up polluted waters.

photo of Ohio corn field

The state’s largest farmer advocacy group is pushing state lawmakers to create a tax incentive to encourage changes to farmland in the name of conservation. 

Farmers can cut down on the amount of toxic materials that run off their land and into waterways by implementing good conservation practices -- such as setting up drainage systems and buffer zones. But that could mean cutting down on their production.