Congressman Tim Ryan

Photo of Sherrod Brown at the Press Club

We’re still waiting to hear which Ohio city will host the Democratic presidential candidates for a debate October 15th.

Just ten of the 20 remaining candidates qualified for the debate that will be held next Thursday, Sept. 12 in Houston. Ohio congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH 13th) is not among them. But he remains in the race at this point.

Whoever ends up as the nominee, Senator Sherrod Brown is confident he or she will unseat President Donald Trump.

Tim Ryan, U.S. Congressman from Ohio

Congressman Tim Ryan said the pending sale of the Lordstown General Motors plant is bittersweet.

Ryan said bringing jobs to the plant is good news in the long-term, but not necessarily beneficial for the GM workers who lost their jobs when the plant ceased production.

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Tim Ryan rallied voters in his hometown over the weekend, garnering support for his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination amid a crowded field.

photo of Tim Ryan, Ray Mancini

Tim Ryan appeared at his first Presidential campaign rally in downtown Youngstown Saturday, telling the crowd that he wants Americans to “come together.”

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Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Niles) has joined the race for the Democratic nomination for president.  Ryan made his announcement on the ABC television program "The View." Ryan is viewed as a political moderate.  He was asked how he’ll appeal to the progressive wing of the party.

photo of Tim Ryan

Youngstown area Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan visited Akron Monday to speak to the Press Club. He brought with him some stark warnings.

Ryan said Americans need to start listening to one another to heal, and strengthen the country. If we don’t, Russia and China will grow stronger, while the U.S. loses ground. Ryan said politicians need to recognize that.

photo of Lordstown GM

The last car rolled off the assembly line at the General Motors Lordstown plant Wednesday and nearly all employees worked their last shift Friday.

Lordstown GM team member John DeGarmo has worked at four GM plants over the last thirteen years. He said working for the company is in his blood.

“But I look around and, you know, I’m in the Lordstown facility right now because it’s my last day of work, and, you know, it’s turning into a ghost town," he said. "And then nobody’s holding these companies accountable.”


Congressman Tim Ryan delivered an impassioned speech on the floor of the U.S. House this morning on behalf of workers at the General Motors Lordstown plant in his district.

Some 1,500 employees found out this week that GM will idle the plant next March. Ryan railed against supply side economics that he says have been pushed in America for forty years.