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If you live in a community near Akron, your sewer bill may be going up. The city plans to charge more for the sewer services it provides to half a dozen outlying areas.

Cuyahoga Falls, Montrose, Springfield Township and Tallmadge are among what are called “master metered” communities served by Akron sewers.

As many as two-thirds of homes in those communities are hooked up. But under a federal order to build a massive new system, Akron wants more for its service. 

photo of Mayor Horrigan

Akron announced today a change to the city's sewer plan that's expected to save about $30 million. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports.

A federal judge has allowed modifications to the sewer plan that eliminate the need for a pump station and a secondary sewer along Riverview Road. City officials say that’s greener and will minimize the impact on the Towpath Trail and Cuyahoga River.

Akron Economic Development Director James Hardy says green initiatives, and working on the project’s financing, should lead to more savings in the future.