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The City of Cleveland expected to increasingly enforce restrictions on businesses as the state further reopens following the coronavirus lockdown, Mayor Frank Jackson said in a Friday press conference.

Residents can file a complaint with the city if they suspect a business is violating social distancing or other restrictions. The city will reach out to the business by phone, Jackson said, as well as send a letter notifying the business of the complaint.

Now, a copy of the complaint will also be sent to the Ohio Department of Health, Jackson said.

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An African flag was raised at Cleveland City Hall on Saturday to mark the start of Black History Month. It’s something the city’s been doing for 45 years. And one man has been there every time.

Charles See is the retired head of Cleveland's community re-entry program. He's lived in the city his whole life and attended the first flag-raising in 1975 and every one since. He wants young people to spend the month re-connecting with their heritage.

In Governor Mike DeWine’s first budget due later this week, he plans to allocate $10 million to the State Child Health Insurance Program for lead cleanup projects, the same amount as in the previous budget. He’ll also call for a $10,000 tax credit to homeowners for lead abatement projects.

DeWine laid out the new measures to address lead contamination in Ohio during a visit to University Hospital’s Rainbow Center for Women and Children Wednesday.

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Less than two weeks after a citizens group said it was moving forward with a proposed ballot initiative to reduce lead poisoning in Cleveland homes, the city has announced its own effort.  

Representatives from hospitals, philanthropies, and citizen organizations all crowded a stage at City Hall to support an effort to make Cleveland lead safe. Mayor Frank Jackson says don’t expect the city to do everything.

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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson says he supports Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon, despite the state giving Cleveland public schools an 'F' in its most recent school report card.

The report found improvements in some areas but the district remained near the bottom statewide.

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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson says he wants a holistic approach to fighting violent crime in the city – and that includes some technology.

Mayor Jackson is elaborating on ideas he mentioned in this week’s State of the City, beyond simply hiring more police officers. The mayor is proposing a Real-Time Crime Center, which would take live feeds from 1,000 surveillance cameras being installed near parks and rec centers throughout the city.

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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s State of the City speech Wednesday night focused on two issues more than any others: crime and public education. Jackson highlighted the city’s current efforts for addressing crime and a couple initiatives for education.

Jackson worked the stage at Public Auditorium for an hour, reciting numbers of sidewalks fixed, buildings demolished, police officers hired, development projects funded and so on.

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Ohio journalists are questioning a move by the City of Cleveland that they say appeared to try to dictate news coverage. The City released specific rules for media outlets to follow during Wednesday’s State of the City address. The city later revised the requirements.

At major events like the State of the City, it is common for media to have specific requirements about where they can park and broadcast live.

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