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The Cleveland Clinic Akron General will open a new downtown coronavirus testing site next month.

Akron General emergency department

The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetime. As a society, our reactions are mostly based on our emotions – worry about family and friends, fear for our jobs and anxiety over the long-term impact on our community.

But for healthcare workers who are used to dealing in facts, coronavirus is a battle against the unknown.

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New models show a wave of coronavirus cases could be headed our way in Northeast Ohio.

The Cleveland Clinic’s latest estimates show the outbreak will peak in early May and could cause up to 10,000 new COVID-19 cases per day.

It’s a sobering picture, but our local hospitals are gearing up for the surge.

There are about 20,000 children and adults in the Greater Akron area with autism. Now, Cleveland Clinic Akron General is specifically working to accommodate adults on the spectrum. For one doctor, these changes are personal.

Dr. William Lanzinger is a hand surgeon at Cleveland Clinic Akron General and the board chairman of the Autism Society of Greater Akron.

But he’s also a father.

“From a parent perspective, any time there is any accommodation done for my son, I would say I am very grateful,” Lanzinger said.

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Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital is discharging colorectal patients sooner after surgery with a significant reduction in opiates.

The average length of stay for a patient is five or six days, but the new protocol reduces stay to 2.5 days. The hospital is using a ketamine based anesthetic, blocking pain in the abdomen before and after surgery.

Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Cleveland Clinic Akron General unveiled its new state-of-the-art emergency department that greatly expands the hospital’s ability to treat people with life-threatening injuries.

The head of the emergency department, Dr. Steven Brooks, led a tour of the gleaming white 67,000- square-foot facility. The new ER is a stand-alone building across the street from the existing ER in downtown Akron.

Brooks pointed to equipment in one of the two acute trauma operating room.

“We can crack a chest in here. We can open the abdomen, if need be by the trauma surgeons,” he said.

photo of Cleveland Clinic Akron General Health & Wellness Express

Cleveland Clinic Akron General’s mobile unit will be making several stops in Akron this summer to promote healthy pregnancies.

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The City of Akron is integrating an app that allows citizens to learn about nearby cardiac emergencies – and how to help.

The free PulsePoint app is tied into Akron’s emergency dispatch, and will send out a notification to users within a quarter mile of cardiac episodes in public places. The city is partnering with Cleveland Clinic Akron General to introduce the app. District Fire Chief Joseph Natko says it also provides a tutorial on what’s called “hands-only CPR.”

Cosgrove Will Step Down as Head of the Cleveland Clinic

May 1, 2017

Cleveland Clinic president and CEO Toby Cosgrove announced today that he is stepping down. After almost 13 years as head of one of the world’s largest health care institutions, Dr. Cosgrove says he will begin transitioning out of the position but is expected to continue in an advisory role. Cleveland Clinic officials plan to pick a successor before the end of the year.


It’s been one year since Akron General hospital became fully part of the Cleveland Clinic system. It’s also been a period of uncertainty in U.S. healthcare policy.

WKSU's Jeff St.Clair  sat down with Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove to talk about that and get an update on how the Akron General merger is progressing.