City of Akron IT

photo of national guardsman at computer

Cleveland City Council has approved spending $750,000 to hire two technology firms to fix computer problems at Hopkins Airport.

The city says malicious software infected the airport’s computer network, disrupting flight and baggage claim display terminals as well as the email system.

This week a Brunswick church also fell victim to hackers. St. Ambrose was tricked into putting nearly $2 million into a phony bank account. 

Akron City Hall
Akron City Council

Akron 4th Ward Councilman Russ Neal wants the city to consider going to the cloud to protect itself from cyber criminals. And he says the best way to do that is to partner with a major tech firm capable of setting it up.

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An Akron man has been arrested and charged with a cyber attack last year that shut down two of the city’s main government websites.

Thirty-two-year-old James Robinson is charged with causing a “distributed denial of service” attack on the city’s website,, as well as the Akron Police website,, on Aug. 1 of last year. The attacks essentially consisted of flooding the servers with traffic, causing them to shut down.

Dan Horrigan

Akron City Council gave its approval Monday to buying IT services from Summit County--a week after the proposal was first submitted.  The delay was to allow some members a chance to more closely consider whether the plan might cede too much of a city function to the county.

Mayor Dan Horrigan, who proposed the deal, says he had some of the same concerns; but came to realize that control isn’t the issue, leveraging resources is.