China tariffs

Senator Portman Expresses Reservations about China Trade Policy

May 15, 2019
a photo of Senator Rob Portman

Ohio Senator Rob Portman gave his thoughts Tuesday on the rising trade tensions between the U.S. and China. Portman said he supports being tough on China, citing reports of intellectual property theft, government subsidies and trade imbalances, but he does have some reservations.

“Where I have concerns is that the escalation of tariffs without an agreement, you know will hurt our economy, and jobs, and wages, and everything else, but I think we need to try to use tariffs just as a tactic to get to an agreement, and not as an endgame.”

photo of Dan Flowers

The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is on-track to get about four million extra pounds of food next year – a result of President Trump’s trade war with China. The government has been buying surplus food from farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs, and then distributing it through food banks.

Dan Flowers, CEO of the Akron-Canton Foodbank, says the food they’re getting is of the highest quality. And he says he’s got his fingers-crossed that news of the extra food does not deter people from donating to the food bank.

photo of Matt Fuss, Mahesh Srinivasan, Suzanne Gradisher

An expert on doing business in China says Northeast Ohio companies will likely need to get used to the tariffs placed on their goods by the Chinese government. But that could also bring some jobs back to the U.S.

The Trump administration has placed 25 percent tariffs on about half of the more than $500 billion in goods imported from China each year. That’s spurred China to levy tariffs on some U.S. goods.