Cameron Lee


This week we’ve seen a range of weather. We had a foot of snow and temperatures in the teens. Then it was 45 degrees and raining. Are these wild fluctuations caused by climate change? A Kent State geography professor says no. Cameron Lee says these types of ups and downs are normal.


Our climate is rapidly changing. 

Recent studies show earth could be entering a period of warming not seen since the end of the age of dinosaurs.

That is, if current trends continue.

In this week’s Exploradio, we look at local climate research and local plans to help prevent the effects of a warming planet.

Picture of Earth.

Cameron Lee, Ph.D. is an assistant professor from the Kent State Geography Department and an applied climatologist. Lee is a self-described “weather nerd” and his work models how the weather in our area is affected by climate events around the globe.

His work also studies how climate change affects people in terms of public health.