Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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A task force studying the use of facial recognition for law enforcement found no wrongdoing in the way the state was handling that system. And an upgrade and expansion of the system is now likely.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost says law enforcement has access to driver’s licenses photos. But he says they aren’t good quality, so he wants the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to turn over new ones. And Yost says drivers voluntarily agreed to that when they got a driver’s license.

“They need to weigh their concerns against that reality. Everything is a tradeoff.”

Bernie Moreno

Ohio car-buyers could soon have the option of receiving digital titles according to Lt. Gov. Jon Husted.

Husted made the announcement earlier this week at the Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland, an event promoting blockchain technology.

Husted is head of a new working group called InnovateOhio, which identified the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as an agency ripe for innovation.

Conference organizer Bernie Moreno has formed a company that uses secure blockchain technology to provide digital titles.

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Ohioans who have their driver’s licenses suspended often face prohibitive fees to get their licenses back.

The state has offered temporary amnesty programs. Now a bill proposed by two Cleveland-area lawmakers would make permanent a reinstatement program to get people driving legally again.

Some big changes are coming for Ohio drivers’ licenses this summer. But as Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports, Ohio will be one of 42 states that will be mailing drivers’ licenses and state ID cards instead of printing them at the state’s 180 deputy registrars’ offices.

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