The state wants to change to the way mental health and addiction services are billed and coded, to align with national standards. But providers of those services -- already stressed because of the opioid crisis --are very concerned. 

It’s expected the redesign of billing and coding for behavioral health services would expand access to treatment for people with mental illness and drug addiction.

The House version of Gov. John Kasich’s budget comes out tomorrow, and it’s expected to include a lot of changes.

Photo of Randi Clites

Parents of children with serious medical conditions are pleading with state leaders to keep funding intact for a program that helps pay for treatment. 

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget calls for changes to the Children with Medical Handicaps, the agency that provides funding for children with serious illnesses. Randi Clites of Ravenna has a son who suffers from hemophilia, cancer and bleeding of the brain. She worries about the proposal to move the program from the Health to the Medicaid department.

John Kasich in New Hampshire

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget includes a change in the way a portion of the state’s local government fund is distributed to communities. But leaders of some of Ohio’s biggest cities and a group that represents communities across the state are fuming over that formula. 

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Akron aet sunset
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An advance copy of Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan’s budget plan for 2017 has been sent to City Council members. 

Copies of what could be described as "the next-to-the-last draft" of Mayor Dan Horrigan's spending strategy for the year went to City Council members this week. 

His press secretary, Ellen Landers Nischt,  says that the general fund is projected to be less for this year than last, the city plans to bolster its safety forces by hiring 35 firefighters, seven  police offices, and six more 911 dispatchers.

Akron City Council Passes the City's 2016 Budget

Mar 29, 2016
Akron City Council discussion of the budget process
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Akron City Council voted to adopt a budget submitted for 2016 by Mayor Dan Horrigan.  But some members were not happy with the way the $575 million spending plan was put together. 

Complaints about the budget include too little council input and too little time for analysis before April 1st—when state law requires it to be in place.

In a special session Monday, the 4th Ward’s Russ Neal called for better community involvement in next year’s budget process, while Ward 2’s Bruce Kilby questioned some of this year’s spending decisions.


Sen. Rob Portman says he's making the case in Congress for NASA Glenn Research Center to avoid a 10 percent budget cut.

The Senate's omnibus spending bill would trim $60 million as part of a plan to steer money to a robotic pathfinder program at NASA Goddard in Maryland.

The ranking Democrat on the Senate’s Appropriations Committee is Democrat Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, and Portman says now is not the time for her to take dollars away from NASA Glenn and programs such as its research into jet propulsion.