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The Ohio Highway Patrol is reviewing comments made by a leader of a pro-gun rights group following the unveiling of a package of gun control proposals by Gov. Mike DeWine.

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Some of Gov. Mike DeWine's proposals to address gun violence could be exposing a growing divide among Ohio gun groups. Among the proposals are expanding background checks and confiscating weapons by court order.

Jim Irvine with the Buckeye Firearms Association said they're not officially endorsing DeWine's plan but said they're working with the administration to avoid bans and ensure due process for confiscations.

Ohio gun laws

Gun rights advocates say a proposal to require nearly all gun sales and transfers to go through federally licensed dealers and to require buyers to undergo background checks won’t have much of an effect on crime.

Dean Rieck with the Buckeye Firearms Association said what backers call the gun show loophole is largely a myth. He said dealers at gun shows face prosecution if they don’t do background checks. And he cites a study showing 1 percent of guns used in crimes came from gun shows or personal transfers.

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Billboards in Akron are encouraging residents to lock up firearms, medication and alcohol to prevent suicides. The seven billboards depict the items locked behind a padlock.

The campaign is called “Store It Safe” and is a partnership between Akron Children’s Hospital and the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP).

Advocates for this gun bill
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A so-called “red flag” bill introduced in the Republican-dominated Ohio Senate would allow guns to be confiscated from people thought to be safety risks to themselves and others. Within two weeks of that seizure, a court would have to decide whether the person could get his or her gun back. 

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The debate over gun control happens daily in nearly every part of the country and today, it was front and center as a gun bill was debated at the Statehouse. But can common ground be found? 

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