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This is the week that advocates for school choice are highlighting alternatives to traditional public schools.

One choice that may be available to a growing number of parents is a voucher to use public money to pay for private education.

That expansion of Ohio’s EdChoice voucher program could devastate public school budgets unless lawmakers take action this week.

Ohio School Association Picks Leader from Akron

Aug 9, 2017
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David James, who heads Akron Public Schools, is now also president of the state-wide Buckeye Association of School Administrators for the coming academic year


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A report commissioned by three groups representing traditional public schools shows what they call a strong link between student performance and household income. In other words, kids in wealthy districts do better on tests on average than kids in poor districts do. 

The report from the Ohio Education Policy Institute includes graphs that slant straight down – as the number of economically disadvantaged students rises in a district, the average student test score declines.