artificial intelligence

photo of Jon Husted

The state of Ohio is going high-tech to weed out overly burdensome red tape. An agency is using an artificial intelligence program to sift through hundreds of thousands of regulations. 

The A.I. program will sort and analyze data collected from every page of Ohio's laws and administrative code.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted says this will streamline a job that would take humans months or years to accomplish.

"Ohio has been writing laws and regulations for over 200 years and nobody has really gone in and cleaned out all of the clutter," Husted said.

How would you feel about a robot interviewing you for a job? Swedish company Tengai is working on an English version of its robot which it claims will ask you questions without biases. Other companies, like HireVue and Humantic, formerly DeepSense, dig for personality traits based on digital interviews and social media accounts.

Share Your Views on Ohio's Economy with Your Voice Ohio

Sep 27, 2018

Ohio has lost about 367,000 goods-producing jobs since 2000, which were mostly held by citizens with a high school education. Automation can seem like a real threat, for 80 percent of the Ohio population without a college degree.


Computer technology is expanding at a dizzying pace.  Things that seemed like science fiction a few years ago – from artificial intelligence to cryptocurrencies - are now common place.

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