Anne Jefferson

several salt trucks plow snowy road

Dr. Anne Jefferson, associate professor in the Geology Department at Kent State University, runs the Watershed Hydrology Lab. She says we may be overdoing it when it comes to salting our roads in winter.   

Picture of trees in forest.

Anne Jefferson, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Geology Department at Kent State University. Her team has been asked by the National Parks Service to investigate trees that won’t grow on National Park land in Northeastern Ohio which are on top of old mining sites.

The Parks Service gave Kent State a chance to do long term research at these sites which will help not just locally, but nationally and beyond.

Road Salt is Having an Impact on Local Ecosystems

Feb 6, 2018

A Kent State University geology professor says the road salts are having an impact on our local ecosystems.

Dr. Anne Jefferson studies watershed hydrology in human-altered landscapes. Her research group has been looking at the issue over the past five and has found that the amount of chloride in ground water has increased. 

Jefferson says researchers are looking for safer alternatives to de-ice the roads.