American Legion

photo of North Hill's PLAV
Rosalie Murphy / The Devil Strip

When you think of the face of Akron’s North Hill these days, your first thought may be of the Bhutanese immigrant community that now calls it home. But one of the vestiges from a previous wave of immigration can still be seen in the form of the Polish Legion of American Veterans. While the Polish community there is not what it once was, two brothers are doing their best to keep Pulaski Post 32 going. Their story is featured in the new edition of the Devil Strip. 

photo of Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stood before thousands of people this morning at the American Legion convention in Cincinnati, promising to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“It’s in very sad shape.  I deal with veterans all the time – we have tremendous veteran support – and the stories I hear are so sad.  We’re not going to have that anymore.”

Photo of Hillary Clinton campaigning in Cleveland

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told a room full of veterans that American leadership means standing with allies. 

In Clinton's address to the national convention of the American Legion, the former secretary of state stressed the importance of alliances.

"Threatening to walk away from our alliances, ignoring the importance that they still are to us, is not only wrong, it's dangerous."