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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, Nov. 14:

Updated: Monday, 1:12 p.m.

On Friday, a green-ish scum began forming in places along the banks of the Ohio River. At the time, the executive director of the Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) wasn't concerned, but that changed this weekend. 


A new investigation by two environmental groups cites unpermitted livestock farms as contributors to the algae problem in Lake Erie. The Environmental Working Group and Environmental Law & Policy Center collected and studied aerial photos of the Maumee River watershed.

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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, July 26:

Store Bought Water Filters can Stop Algae Toxins

Nov 21, 2016
Stone Lab
Ohio State University

Commercially available water pitchers with filters can rid drinking water of toxins produced by algae blooms. The research done at Ohio State University’s Stone Lab on Lake Erie shows some are better at the task than others.

Ohio Expands Water-Quality Monitoring

Jul 13, 2016
Dr. Justin Chaffin, Stone Lab
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Algae and water quality issues in Ohio affect—and are affected by--more than Lake Erie and the big reservoirs.

Smaller Lake Erie Algae Bloom Predicted for This Summer

Jul 7, 2016
Lake Erie algae bloom

Algae will be an issue in Lake Erie’s western basin again this summer, but thanks to the weather, the bloom will not be as big as past years. That’s according to a forecast issued today by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.               

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Ohio will soon require some public water systems -- including some of Ohio's largest -- to monitor and report harmful algae blooms that are in the surface water they use to supply customers.

The new Ohio EPA guidelines apply to systems that pull their drinking water from sources such as Lake Erie.

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  Help is now available for farmers who need a hand cutting down on nutrients that run off of their land and into Lake Erie, which can create harmful algae. 

Millions of dollars are up for grabs to livestock farmers who want to build more storage facilities for manure. The money from the U.S. Department of Agriculture is earmarked for farmers in the Lake Erie Western Basin.

Lake Erie's Struggles Continue

Dec 23, 2015

The toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie this summer was the most severe it’s been since the federal government began monitoring in 2002.  And there were other concerns that affected the lake this year. For Ohio Public Radio, WCPN’s Brian Bull reports.


The good news is high winds in September weakened the 300-square mile toxic bloom and did not cause a water system shutdown like the one that threatened Toledo’s water supply last year. 

Researchers Progress on Faster Alerts for Toxic Algae

Dec 14, 2015

U.S. Geological Survey researchers are working to make algae bloom predictions quicker to protect swimmers and boaters on Ohio’s waterways. Testing is underway at several Lake Erie and Ohio state park beaches. WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports.