The Akron Zoo

A photo of the snow leopard cub.

The Akron Zoo has welcomed a new member to its snow leopard family.

The cub was born April 29 to mom Shanti, the zoo's resident female snow leopard, and her mate, Tai Lung.

Snow leopard populations in zoos have been growing in recent years. The Akron Zoo partners with the Snow Leopard Species Survival Plan which will relocate the cub when she’s old enough.

The zoo’s Elena Bell says it’s typical for snow leopards in the wild to leave their mother in search of a mate.

a photo of Emma the Humboldt penguin

Humboldt penguins have a median life expectancy of 16.5 years. Emmanuelle, known as Emma, at the Akron Zoo lived to be 36. The Zoo had retired Emma in 2013. She was suffering from age-related problems. When she stopped responding to treatment last week, they humanely euthanized her.  

The Zoo says Emma was the oldest, zoo-born female Humboldt penguin in any facility accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. She hatched April 23, 1983 at the Milwaukee County Zoo and came to Akron in October 2004. 

Akron Zoo Receives Historic $1.5 Million Donation for Upcoming Exhibits

Feb 27, 2019
pic of Pride of Africa

The Akron Zoo has received the largest gift in its history –$1.5 million from an unnamed donor.

The donation was made to the zoo’s ROAR campaign, which is a fundraiser for two new exhibits. One of them is the new Pride of Africa, a habitat for a larger group of lions. The other is Wild Asia, featuring white-cheeked gibbons. Spokeswoman Elena Bell said the primates have been highly requested.

photo of Marijuana

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Two Akron Zoo Lemurs Lose Battle with Cancer

Oct 25, 2018
The Akron Zoo

Akron Zoo visitors may notice a change at one of the exhibits.

photo of Pride of Africa area

The Akron Zoo is undergoing a $17 million expansion over the next two years, with the aim of increasing conservation and education efforts.

Next summer, the zoo will open its new Pride of Africa area, with an expanded habitat for a pride of lions, plus a new feeding area for goats.

Akron Zoo President Doug Piekarz said the goal is to immerse guests in the culture of the Maasai, and then show visitors how that relates to Northeast Ohio’s own environmental challenges.

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