Akron Summit County Public Library

Cordray and President Obama

Here are your morning headlines for Friday, September 14:

  • Ohio school districts mostly average in report card rankings;
  • Obama rallies Ohioans to vote;
  • Auditor reports multiple errors in medical marijuana growing selections;
  • About 100 people to become U.S. citizens this weekend
  • Thousands of Ohio schools respond to survey on safety measures;

Ohio school districts mostly average in report card rankings

photo of Pam Hickson-Stevenson, Grace Wakulchik

The Akron Summit-County Public Library is partnering with the Knight Foundation to bring short stories to Akron Children’s Hospital.

Sounding like a cash register, the French-made short story dispenser is now in the waiting room at the hospital’s surgical center.

The machine installed by the library prints out short stories on receipt paper for free. Users can choose a story of any type or one for kids.

Brandon Knoderer, of Canton, was the first person to use the machine.

Children's Library, Akron

The Akron-Summit County Public library has set up a food computer.  It doesn’t print food or magically materialize it.  This unit grows it.

It’s a Plexiglas box that's  a yard square with lights on top, tubes down the sides, and hydroponic plants growing up from the bottom.  “Hydroponic” means soilless germination--usually in nutrient-rich water.  This unit is especially productive because its growing process is controlled by custom software.

Andrew Meyer / WKSU

Your library card gives you access to a books, movies and music. In Akron, that same library card now lets you check out pieces of artwork, too. It's called the Akron Art Library and it's a partnership between the local public Library and the Akron Art Museum.


The Village of Lakemore and Springfield Township now have their own library. The Akron-Summit County Public Library is opening a branch there this weekend.

The new location was made possible by a county-wide levy passed in 2015.

Outgoing library Director David Jennings says the opening marks one of his final goals.