Akron Public Schools

photo of Akron Public Schools, Glover Community Learning Center
Akron Public Schools

The mother of a six-year-old killed at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut came to Glover Community Learning Center in Akron this week. She talked with local parents and teachers about making schools, and the world, safer through a coping skills training program for students that she founded.  

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Akron Schools psychologists and psychiatrists will work with victim assistance counselors to help students.
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The Summit Victim Assistance program is partnering with Akron Public Schools to provide mental health support for students when tragedies occur.

Akron Schools’ student support services director Daniel Rambler says having outside support for students helps limit mistakes in care while allowing teachers to focus on what they know best.

photo of Chief Rotaynah

Akron Public Schools is saying farewell to a 30-year-old wooden Native American statue. Chief Rotaynah will be removed from its home near Judith A. Resnik Community Learning Center after sustaining damage from weather and pests.

Hungarian immigrant and former Akron resident Peter Toth carved the 36-foot red oak statue that celebrates the history of Native American culture in Northeast Ohio.

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