Akron primary

a photo of vote buttons

Voters went to the polls in Akron’s primary election on Tuesday where they ousted  four city council incumbents.

Andrew Meyer / WKSU

The city of Akron will hold its primary election in May, for the first time in decades.

Last November, Akron voters approved a move from a September primary to May. Holding the primary in May enables the Summit County Board of Elections enough time between elections to comply with federal and state law, which mandates the BOE provide military and overseas voters with ballots 45 days before an election - for both primary and general elections.

Voting booth at a polling place

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan says he doesn’t need City Council’s approval to get an issue on the November ballot that could lead to changing Akron’s primary election day.

Horrigan wants to move the city’s primary to May, for cost efficiency and to make getting absentee ballots ready for November easier.

But that means changing the city charter. Horrigan asked council to approve a charter amendment to be put on the ballot, but some Council members opposed the idea.