Akron Police

News conference held at Akron police headquarters

Over the last 10 days, 16 people were wounded or killed in shooting incidents in Akron. The city’s mayor and police chief addressed the unprecedented outbreak of gun violence during a news conference Monday.

Akron Police Chief Kenneth Ball said that, despite the spike in shootings, Akron’s crime statistics are down across the board for the year, even homicides.  But, he said, the recent deadly violence shows the need to do more.

photo of Rick Edwards, Bertina King

Akron City Council will decide tonight whether to pursue a $1 million federal grant so police can process a backlog of sexual assault cold cases.

In 2012, Akron sent 1,822 rape kits to be tested – some dating from the mid-1990s. Close to half of the kits came back with a match to someone in the FBI’s national DNA database.

photo of Highland Square

With summer approaching, merchants in Akron’s Highland Square are hiring extra security for the popular neighborhood.

Highland Square’s growing number of bars and restaurants now have 12 more hours of police presence each week, as most of the neighborhood’s merchants have pitched in to hire an off-duty officer on foot patrol.

Brandon Tyler Miller moved to Highland Square three years ago and says neighbors look out for each other, but with more visitors during the summer months, the extra security will help.

Akron Fire Department Station 7
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, May 22:

photo of Akron police roll call

Akron City Council will vote tonight on whether to spend more than $500,000 on new tasers, helmets and computers for the Police Department.

The lion’s share of the money -- $400,000 – will go toward 165 Tasers to replace aging units that are already in use.

Ward 5 Councilwoman Tara Mosley-Samples says she’s confident council will approve the request this evening. And she hopes council will next consider buying surveillance cameras for high crime areas such as the ones in her ward.