Akron North High School

a photo of a horse drawn plough at Akron North High School

It's a sight you wouldn’t expect to see in Akron.

Students and teachers at North High School watched as two sturdy white horses pulled an old fashioned plough, preparing the ground for an urban farm that will enable students to learn about growing, preparing and marketing food.

Akron Public Schools will work with nonprofit Shanti Farms to teach students in all grades aspects of farming, from sampling soil to preparing food. 

Akron Launches Its School Reorganization Plan

Apr 12, 2017
Nashville seminar
Akron Public Schools

Akron Public Schools is adoping a “career and college academies” reorganization of  its high schools.

The school-within-the school approach has reported significant successes in other large urban school districts, including Nashville, Tenn. That's where leaders from Akron went to learn about the program.

Akron Kenmore High School

Enrollment in Akron Public Schools continues to decrease, and that may be increasing the likelihood of some of the city’s best-known high schools going away.

Akron voters O.K.'d a tax increase a dozen years ago to help pay for re-doing the City School District’s infrastructure.