Akron Fire Department

akron police training class

The city of Akron has called eight furloughed employees back to work to create a decontamination team to help protect first responders.

Akron General emergency department

The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetime. As a society, our reactions are mostly based on our emotions – worry about family and friends, fear for our jobs and anxiety over the long-term impact on our community.

But for healthcare workers who are used to dealing in facts, coronavirus is a battle against the unknown.

photo of equipment at an Akron fire station

Akron will spend close to $16 million dollars on safety services and road repair this year. The city Wednesday released its plans for the Safety & Streets fund, financed by an income tax levy passed in 2017.

The police and fire departments will receive about $5 million dollars each to replace vehicles, including 28 police cruisers and two fire engines. The money will also partially fund a new fire station.

Akron Fire Station 4

The city of Akron invited residents to have a look inside its two new fire stations at ribbon cutting ceremonies Thursday.

Residents got to see how the city is spending Issue 4 money at the fire stations in Middlebury and downtown.

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photo of equipment at an Akron fire station

Akron’s new computer-controlled alarm system for its fire stations is designed to reduce response times and save lives.  But it may also have a life-saving side-benefit for firefighters, because of the way it uses measured tones to alert them. 

Heart attacks and stress-related health crises kill more firefighters than all other hazards of the job combined.  Deputy Akron Fire Chief Charles Twigg says the shock of sudden alerts from deafening horns or bells is a contributor to that problem, and that research shows it’s a cumulative contributor over time.

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photo of PulsePoint app

The City of Akron is integrating an app that allows citizens to learn about nearby cardiac emergencies – and how to help.

The free PulsePoint app is tied into Akron’s emergency dispatch, and will send out a notification to users within a quarter mile of cardiac episodes in public places. The city is partnering with Cleveland Clinic Akron General to introduce the app. District Fire Chief Joseph Natko says it also provides a tutorial on what’s called “hands-only CPR.”

Narcan kit

Akron’s Quick Response Team has become the first in Summit County to offer residents naloxone kits and training on how to use them to counter the effects of an opioid overdose.

Joseph Natko, the district chief of the Akron Fire Department, says the effort is part of a follow-up strategy with people who recently overdosed.

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Sep 7, 2017
Governor Kasich on CBS This Morning

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Akron Fire Department Station 7
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The investigation continues into a house fire in Akron’s North Hill neighborhood that took the lives of two children and their parents.  

City and state fire codes require smoke detectors near the sleeping areas of a home, and in a rental house the owner must provide them. But, Lt. Sierjie Lash of the Akron Fire Department says that wasn’t the case in the residence on East Tallmadge Avenue that went up in flames in early on Saturday.

Akron Fire Department Gets a New Leader

Dec 2, 2016
Dan Horrigan and Clarence Tucker
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Akron has a new fire chief, the 19th in the 180-year history of the fire department.  It was a hire from within that Mayor Dan Horrigan says will help maintain continuity, stability and a commitment to community for one of the city’s most important services. 

In 1988, Clarence Tucker walked into Akron Fire Station No. 7 for his first day as a firefighter medic.  This week he walked into the same station to become chief of Akron’s 350 person Fire Department.

Akron Raises Fees For Emergency Services

May 24, 2016
Emergency Entrance, Akron Children's Hosptial
Akron Children's Hospital

The City of Akron is going to charge more for EMS services and hospital transportation provided by the Fire Department

City Council approved fee hikes of as much as a third for some basic services.  It is the first rate increase in five years. 

Mayor Dan Horrigan says it brings Akron up to the general levels charged elsewhere in the region. 

Lunch Interrupted at Akron Fire Station 5

Apr 15, 2016
firefighters lunch

Fighting fires takes a lot of energy, so the men and women who keep us safe make sure to eat well. Firefighters in Akron also take pride in cooking well.

But as WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports in today’s Quick Bite, they can’t completely relax when its mealtime at the firehouse.

They’re setting the table for lunch at the firehouse on E. Market Street.

“OK,” says chief cook Ray Martin, "there’ll be six of us today.” They’ve invited their union president: “We’re trying to be nice to him. He takes care of us.”