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This is Akron: Hopeful Signs Emerging in Akron's Economy

Apr 15, 2019
A photo of Marlene Denholm, owner of the Main Street Saloon and her daughter Brooke Kennamore, assistant manager, sharing a laugh as they stand in front of their restaurant in Akron, Ohio onThursday, April 4, 2019.

Marlene Denholm and Brooke Kennamore get a firsthand look at ongoing Akron economic development. That’s because they have a true front-row seat to the changes taking place in their part of the city’s Firestone Park neighborhood. Denholm owns the Main Street Saloon on South Main Street, where she and Brooke, her 22-year-old daughter, assist in the kitchen, serve customers, tend bar and do other jobs alongside each other. The long-established bar and grill, known for its expansive menu that includes the “Jumbo Burge

Analysis Finds Akron Office Space is in High Demand

Dec 10, 2018
Home of Akron Bounce

A new analysis finds that more employers are seeking Akron for office space. 

The Cleveland-based research firm JLL found the city’s office vacancy rate is expected to decrease in 2019. A report shows that vacancy is sitting at just over 16 percent compared to the nationwide rate of  11 percent.

JLL’s Research Head Andrew Batson says the city is building momentum and new city projects like the Bowery Development are helping increase demand.

He also says millennials are a factor.

Bounce logo
Bounce website

The newly selected board of directors for Akron’s advanced innovation hub is beginning the process of finding a CEO. 

The innovation hub program, which is called Bounce, will combine existing city assets for boosting entrepreneurship, such as the Global Business Accelerator, with new ways of linking innovators.

Looking north toward the University of Akron
Akron Global Business Accelerator

Akron is looking to get a Bounce. That’s actually the name of a project announced last month by Mayor Dan Horrigan.  It’s aimed at energizing business development in the Akron area.  The idea is to create an innovation hub in the city.  The mayor and the head of a D.C.-based venture fund advising the city spoke of the start-up effort.

Akron gets a BOUNCE

Aug 12, 2017
Dan HOrrigan
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Getting Akron to grow again is a stated goal of Mayor Dan Horrigan.  To do that he is initiating an economic development program called BOUNCE. It’s aimed at getting people to move to Akron by stimulating entrepreneurship and business expansion through new ideas.