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Akron Community Foundation has issued grants specifically to nonprofits needing assistance as they continue operations admid the pandemic. More grants are already in the works.

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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, March 17:

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The Akron Community Foundation has announced $50,000 in new grants that will benefit projects related to the city’s On the Table Greater Akron event.

The event, held in October, gathered thousands of community members to discuss local concerns over a meal.

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An Akron nonprofit will use a $10,000 grant to address LGBTQ homelessness in the area.

CANAPI, or the Community AIDS Network Akron Pride Initiative, is among several organizations to receive grants from the Gay Community Endowment Fund of the Akron Community Foundation.

This is the first time the fund has given out impact grants.

Police headquarters, Akron, Ohio
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Community leaders have launched a new fund to help Summit County police and firefighters work closer with their communities.

The Akron Community Foundation has kicked off the Summit County Police and Fire Community Engagement Fund with a $10,000 donation from the John A. McAlonan Fund.

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The Akron Community Foundation is revealing the results of a massive public engagement project that brought people together over a meal to discuss life in greater Akron.

The “On the Table” event last October was one of ten held around the country. In Akron, about 6,000 people participated in a series of meals, then answered follow-up questionnaires.

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Thousands of people in Summit and Medina counties met in small groups Tuesday to talk about everything from homelessness and addiction to art and education. The gatherings are part of a community engagement series called On the Table.

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The Akron Community Foundation is hoping to get people in Summit, Medina and Portage counties together to share both some food and conversation.

The foundation is organizing dinner parties, lunches and breakfast gatherings of 10 to 12 people. The goal is to promote unscripted conversation about the wants and needs of the community.

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Akron hopes to bring together the entire community over a meal this fall -- to eat and to figure out the most important issues to the community.

The Akron Board of Education is making it easier for residents to donate to a district-run college scholarship fund.

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Summit MetroParks announced today a partnership with the Akron Community Foundation, which means a major realignment of its endowment fund.