Akron canton regional foodbank

Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank
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Akron Community Foundation has issued grants specifically to nonprofits needing assistance as they continue operations admid the pandemic. More grants are already in the works.

photo of Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank

The Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank has announced an $11.5 million plan to expand operations in Akron and build a new facility in Canton.

The majority of the “Growing For Good” campaign will go towards a new building near downtown Canton, slated for construction this spring on the former site of a Fishers supermarket. In Akron, they’ll add refrigeration space and storage. CEO Dan Flowers says currently, they sometimes have to turn away donations of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Photo of Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank

Akron Children’s Hospital is trying to find ways to improve patient health before they need care. The first initiative is a pop up food pantry.

When the hospital surveyed 22,000 kids about barriers to health, 13% said food insecurity was a top concern.

Dr. Steven Spalding, Vice President of Population Health, says that number was overwhelming and they wanted to find a way to address the issue.