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Being black in America makes it more likely that you will be diagnosed with conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. It even lessens the chance that you will draw your first breath or make it to your first birthday.

In WKSU's continuing series on infant mortality, maternal stress is highlighted as one of the biggest risks to black babies surviving. 

a photo of Charles Modlin with a patient

By the end of this month, a group working to address the disproportionate affect COVID-19 has had on African-Americans in Ohio is expected to issue its final recommendations.

The Minority Health Strike Force was appointed by Governor Mike DeWine in April. Some have criticized how long it’s taken for these recommendations to come to fruition.

But one member of the group says it’s been taking its time to refine recommendations that are actionable. Dr. Charles Modlin is a surgeon and urologist at Cleveland Clinic who heads the Clinic’s Minority Men’s Health Center. He chairs the education and outreach subcommittee of the strike force. 

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The Cleveland Clinic Akron General will open a new downtown coronavirus testing site next month.

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The minority leader of the Ohio house, Akron Democrat Emilia Sykes, says the state has not done enough to address the disproportionate affect COVID-19 is having on black Ohioans.

Sykes talked about the state’s response and the need she sees.

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