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The leader of Democrats in the Ohio House is blasting a Republican controlled panel of lawmakers for its decision to deny a request by the Republican Secretary of State to pay for postage on ballots. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

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WKSU listeners have been sending in questions about voting this fall, from what happens to absentee ballot applications to the security of each county’s dropbox. We’re answering in our first "OH Really?" election-protection conversation. Jen Miller, director of the Ohio League of Women Voters, begins by discussing why some people are getting multiple absentee ballot applications.

A Franklin County Common Pleas Court judge has ruled Ohioans can apply for absentee mail-in ballots online. 

Perhaps you’ve received an unsolicited absentee ballot application form in your mail. It could be legitimate. But it could also be from an unfamiliar group, and filling it out incorrectly could lead to errors that could delay getting your ballot on time. 

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The U.S. Postal Service has sent a letter to dozens of state election officials around the country including Ohio, warning that delays in delivering the mail could result in voters not being able to cast their absentee ballots in time.

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Recent polls have shown the race for Ohio governor is very close. And that means the results could come down to provisional ballots – those cast by people who didn’t have proper ID, for instance – and to absentee ballots that hadn’t arrived at boards of elections by Tuesday. That means Tuesday night’s total might not be the final outcome.

Elections analyst Mike Dawson says if the total of early and Election Day votes is close, those provisional and outstanding absentee ballots could be critical.

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Early voting is seeing an uptick in several northeast Ohio counties this election season.

Regina Johnson, the coordinator for nursing home voting and early voting in Stark County, says the county had 2,483 early in-person voters in the last mid-term election. This year, 3,548 people have already voted in-person in Stark.

Faith Lyon, the director of Portage County’s Board of Elections, says 13,572 people have voted early or requested absentee ballots – an increase of about 3,000 from the last midterm.

Secretary of State Casts His Early Ballot

Oct 16, 2018

Early voting has been under way for a week, and the number of registered voters is the highest it’s been in a decade.

Many voters are opting to vote early through absentee ballot. That includes one major statewide official.

Secretary of State Jon Husted visited the Franklin County Board of Elections to drop off his absentee ballot. He says Ohio takes an all-of-the-above approach to voting, which means in-person on Election Day, in-person at your local board of election, through the mail or by drop-off.