3-D Printing

large metal parts

Additive Manufacturing, better known as 3-D printing, is one of the fastest growing technology sectors.

It’s a printing process where plastic or metal parts are built-up layer by layer.

In this week’s Exploradio, we look at where the industry is headed and how Northeast Ohio is building itself into the nation’s additive leader.

photo of bands printed by 3D printer

The Akron Zoo is using 3-D printing to keep better track of some of its animals. The zoo is using its new 3-D printer to create custom bands holding microchips for birds in the aviary.

Dr. Kim Cook, the zoo’s director of Animal Health and Conservation, says they’re using receivers in the aviary to help with research and conservation.

S Max 3D printer
The ExOne Company

Additive manufacturing — commonly called 3D printing — is a fast-growing technology in northeast Ohio.  And Tuesday it got bigger, literally. 

“Sixteen tons and what you get?”  A 22-foot long high-tech machine that creates sophisticated sand-casting molds for complex metal parts.   


A new report details how Northeast Ohio could become a hub for additive manufacturing – technology better known as 3-D printing.

One of the first steps is teaching workers and business owners just what additive manufacturing can do.

3-D Printer Working with Chocolate
Smart Gastronomy Lab, University of Liège / npr

Four northeast Ohio economic development groups are working together on an additive manufacturing “map” for the region. 

Barb Ewing of the Youngstown Business Incubator sees northeast Ohio as a world leader in Additive manufacturing—utilizing fast-evolving technologies like 3-D printing, adaptive coatings nd super-precision tool making.