2018 APME Awards

WKSU staff was honored with 10 awards from Ohio Associated Press Media Editors (OAPME) in a Columbus ceremony on May 4. Top honors went to WKSU for General Excellence-Radio, the fifth consecutive year the newsroom earned the acknowledgement. The OAPME Awards reflect stand-out work created in 2018.

2018 APME - Hall of Fame: M.L. Schultze

Jan 11, 2019

M.L. Schultze is an award-winning journalist with nearly four decades of service to Northeast Ohio, including 25 years at The Repository in Canton where she was managing editor for nearly a decade. For the past 11 years, Schultze was a tireless driving force in the WKSU newsroom, first as news director and then as digital editor, before her retirement in mid-2018. As a news analyst, she has been heard on NPR and C-SPAN and programs including Here and Now, The Takeaway and Ideas, WVIZ ideastream’s weekly reporter roundtable (where she continues to offer her insights). 

WKSU’s 360 degree coverage of Election Night 2018 included field reporting from WKSU and statewide news partners, updates on key Congressional battles and Ohio state races and Issue 1, along with in-studio commentary from political experts, which was woven into national reporting from NPR. Often, non-Presidential election years don’t draw as much attention, despite the long-lasting effects changes to Governor and Congress make, locally and nationally. This year, the discussion also reached to gender in politics and the act of voting.

2018 APME- Best Newscast: Amanda Rabinowitz

Jan 3, 2019

Best Newscast - Amanda Rabinowitz. February 22, 2018, 8am.

Gun violence launches Amanda Rabinowitz’s newscast from February 22, soon after the Parkland shooting, with a report on a local school shooting and high school protests. Other stories covered by Rabinowitz in her professional and timely morning report include an update on an election challenge, news on a university/high school collaboration, and the current weather.

2018 APME - Best Newscast: Jeff St. Clair

Jan 2, 2019

Best Newscast, Jeff St. Clair, August 30, 2018

Jeff St. Clair's All Things Considered newscast from Aug. 30 includes a mix of stories intended to keep WKSU listeners better informed at the end of the work day. St. Clair produces his newscasts with assistance from the WKSU newsroom, giving him access to audio from events such as Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro's State of the County Address and reporter Mark Arehart’s impressions from the launch of Goodyear Blimp Wingfoot Three.

2018 APME - Best Continuing Coverage

Jan 2, 2019

U.S. immigration issues came to NE Ohio when popular Youngstown businessman Amer Adi – who had support from the community and Congressman Tim Ryan – was arrested after three decades raising a family in the city. M.L. Schultze followed the case as Adi’s situation changed day-to-day. After fighting accusations that his first marriage was a green card sham, Adi agreed to extradition with his wife of 29 years, selling his home and businesses.

2018 APME - Best Reporter

Jan 2, 2019

M.L. Schultze was born to be a journalist. She has the proverbial “nose for news,” a sincere interest in people and the way we live our lives in NE Ohio coupled with a desire to share these stories with the public and her professional and outstanding reporting skills.

Arts and culture are important to WKSU listeners and the NE Ohio community. The region is home to a wealth of music, theatre, cinema, and art organizations - and also people who care about the skills and effort that it takes to craft something unique.

2018 APME - Best Feature Reporting: Shuffle

Jan 2, 2019

Music is an important part of the fiber of NE Ohio. The region is home to professional and amateur musicians and venues that range from grand to modest. Amanda Rabinowitz is dedicated to reporting on this significant community in her weekly Shuffle segment.

2018 APME - Best Anchor/News Host

Jan 2, 2019

WKSU Morning Edition host Amanda Rabinowitz brings all of her talents to on-air five days a week. She accepts her pre-dawn assignment, knowing that thousands of listeners rely on her to launch their day. As lead producer, Rabinowitz must carefully and seamlessly integrate WKSU and statewide reports with her local newscasts into NPR’s national feed.

2018 APME - Best Series

Jan 2, 2019

Beginning in late May, WKSU News presented Navigating the Path to Mental Health, a six-part series that examined access and availability issues surrounding mental health care in NE Ohio. Reports aired Tuesday mornings through July and were accompanied by additional information and resources online and a free community forum in late June.