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Canton Charge Are Moving to Cleveland's Wolstein Center in 2021-22

COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Wolstein Center
The Canton Charge professional basketball team has played at the Canton Memorial Civic Center for 10 years. According to Canton Mayor Tom Bernabei, the management company for the Civic Center will look to have concerts and other events on the dates that had been booked by the team.

The Canton Charge are leaving the city to go play in Cleveland at the Wolstein Center. They will be there at the beginning of the 2021-2022 NBA G League season in November. Canton Mayor Tom Bernabei says this change will affect the availability and schedule of the Canton Civic Center.

“The Commitment to the Cavs [the parent club of the Charge] took up 23 dates. But they were booked up to 50 dates early in the year, while they were working on their scheduling for the next three or four months," Bernabei said. "So, this frees up dates going into the future in which ASM Global [manager of the Civic Center] thinks they can adequately fill them with concerts and other events.”

Bernabei: Civic Center losing the Charge
Photo of Canton Mayor Tom Bernabei

Burnabei believes the loss won’t significantly affect the Civic Center financially, but he knows that business owners in the area and fans of the team in Canton are disappointed by the news.