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The turmoil of Brexit continued today with a no-confidence vote attempting to oust Prime Minister Theresa May. She survived by a margin of 19 votes. But the Brexit storm is hardly contained. It remains an uneasy, potentially expensive complication at a time when the world may not be able to afford it. So at what point does Britain's political indecision create global economic chaos? 

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A Montana mall gets another chance

14 hours ago

An empty retail space in the Butte Plaza Mall in Butte, Montana, will soon be open for business. But instead of bringing in another store, the mall is welcoming a call center to the space formally occupied by a J.C. Penney. The mall lost both J.C. Penney and department store Herberger's as part of the retail slump seen in malls across the country. Alana Ferko manages the Butte Plaza Mall. She spoke with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal about filling the space and adapting to the changing retail industry.

Ex-CEO bids more than $5 billion to keep Sears open

14 hours ago

The man who steered Sears into bankruptcy just bought the retailer in a bankruptcy auction. Eddie Lampert bid more than $5 billion to acquire the company — of which he and his hedge fund, ESL Investments Inc., are already the largest creditors and shareholders. The deal forgives $1.3 billion in debt owed to ESL. It also releases Lampert from liability for a series of spinoffs that some creditors allege drained assets from the retailer. The deal still needs to be approved by the supervising judge.

With the partial government shutdown hurtling toward the one-month mark, companies are starting to long for a little old-fashioned government bureaucracy.
Because while it may slow things down, without it, it's pretty hard to get anything done.

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Regulate me!

15 hours ago

With no end in sight to the partial government shutdown, some businesses are starting to miss the regulation that shielded them from risk. Then: The fallout from yesterday’s failed Brexit vote may not be isolated to Britain. We'll look at how uncertainty could ripple through the global economy. Plus: partially autonomous car features have the potential to save lives, but using them improperly could cause more accidents.