Youngstown Mayor McNally to be Sentenced Today

Mar 28, 2016

John McNally said he was doing his job as Mahoning County commissioner when he raised questions about a move of county offices.
Credit Screen capture / WFMJ

  The mayor of Youngstown is scheduled to be sentenced today on the corruption charges to which he pleaded guilty to a month ago. 


Mayor John McNally pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor charges. All were related to his time in the mid-2000s as a Mahoning County commissioner and his attempt to block the county from moving offices from a building owned by a powerful developer.

He admitted sharing a confidential county letter with a law firm representing the developer. But right after he entered it, McNally described  his plea as simply a matter of expediency.

I still believe it was a perfectly legitimate function on my behalf to question the purchase. That building that we purchased still remains pretty much half empty. 

McNally, who has since testified in the trial of one of his co-defendants, has refused to resign despite calls – including one from the county Democratic Party chairman – that he do so.