Yost Calls for Lifting the Statute of Limitations for Rape

Jun 3, 2019

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost called on state lawmakers to lift the statute of limitations on rape. Five former Ohio attorneys general, both Democrats and Republicans, joined Yost in advocating for this change. 

Yost said there shouldn’t be a set time frame for when rape charges can be filed.

As of now, the statute of limitations for rape is 25 years. As Yost explained, rape is a deeply personal invasion, and victims may take many years to speak out. 

“Make no mistake about it, the damage that is done in the commission of this crime for many people leaves them unable to even face it, much less talk with anyone about it,” he said.

Ending the statute of limitations for rape garnered more support, including from Gov. Mike DeWine, since a report from The Ohio State University found former sports doctor Richard Strauss sexually assaulted more than 170 student athletes.

“I don’t think that a rapist ought to be able to run out the clock on justice at the end of the day, that’s what this is about," Yost said.