Who Made the Cut for Ohio's March Presidential Primary

Jan 7, 2020

Two of the Democrats running for president have not been certified to have their name listed on the March 17 Ohio primary ballot. One of the two has been certified to be a write-in candidate though.

11 Democratic presidential candidates have been certified to have their names appear on the ballot. There was a problem with Andrew Yang’s petition filing so his name won’t be listed but he has been certified as a write-in candidate. 

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper said Yang’s votes will be treated just like the other certified candidates as far as he is concerned.

“We’ve made clear we would recognize those write-in votes as the Secretary of State is recording and tabulating them.”

On the Republican side, Donald Trump’s petitions have been certified, but Bill Weld’s were not, so the president won’t face a GOP primary in Ohio. The voter registration deadline is February 18 and early voting starts the next day.