U.S. EPA Approves Three of Akron's "Green" Alternatives for New Sewers

Dec 15, 2015

Moore hopes the U.S. EPA will accept the remainder of the city's Integrated Plan which he says would help save $300 million.
Credit The City of Akron

The U.S. EPA has approved three of the City of Akron’s alternative proposals to redo its sewer system.

The approval allows the city to add “green elements” such as constructed wetlands to help achieve low-cost water quality standards.

Public Service Director John Moore says these initial approvals are a “huge step” for the overall project.

“By getting these first three approvals, we’re hopeful now that they’re going to accept the majority of our Integrated Plan. If they do that, we’re going to be able to save the rate payers somewhere around $300 million," said Moore. "That’d be on the high side, but if we can save a nickel here in Akron, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to get the cost as low as possible.”

The city’s Merriman, Middlebury and North Hill neighborhoods will be the first to get the newly approved sewer overhaul.