University of Akron Trustees Want Matt Wilson to Remain President

Feb 20, 2018

The University Akron’s trustees held an emergency meeting Monday. They issued a statement involving President Matthew Wilson -- who is scheduled to interview later this week for the president’s job at the University of Central Florida.

Matthew Wilson, President of the University of Akron
Credit University of Akron

Spokesman Wayne Hill said the trustees remain committed to maintaining the progress made during Wilson’s tenure in Akron.

“The Board also said it supports President Matt Wilson and wants him to remain president of the University of Akron for the foreseeable future while we move forward with the strategic initiatives that have been established.”

Comparing the jobs, the University of Central Florida’s president made $1.27 million last year, while Matt Wilson’s compensation at Akron was less than $500,000.  Central Florida is the largest  public university in the country by enrollment--with more than 66,000 students.

University of Central Florida campus from the air
Credit University of Central Florida

Matt Wilson is one of eight semi-finalists who will interview of the 22nd and 23rd.  UCF is expected to cut the list to three names after that, and make a final choice its next president March 9th.