University of Akron to Offer Ohio's First Public School Degree in Cybersecurity

Jun 20, 2017

The University of Akron's new degree will feature classes in mathematics, decoding, and detecting illegal hacking.

This fall, the University of Akron will be the first public university in Ohio to offer a degree in cybersecurity.

The curriculum will include decoding, computer systems, mathematics and detecting illegal hacking.

Scott Randby will teach the mathematics component of the degree. He says that the importance of the field led the university to pursue the new curriculum.

“Anybody who has anything with a computer network needs experts in cybersecurity. The need for this, for the people who can do this kind of work,  is extremely dire. There are  estimates that there are a million unfilled positions right now in the cybersecurity field.”

The degree will be offered through the university’s College of Applied Science and Technology.