UA Study: Veterans Face Ups and Downs Finding Jobs

Jul 29, 2019

A University of Akron study found good news and bad news for veterans looking for jobs after leaving military service.

Veterans contribute nearly 8% of Ohio’s total income, earning nearly $5 more per hour than non-veterans, but that number shrinks as veterans pursue higher paying jobs.

Economics professor Amanda Weinstein said this disparity eventually affects all working veterans.

“What tends to happen is on the lower end of the income distribution they tend to face a premium, so they’re kind of earning even more than we would suggest. But what it does for all demographics — for white men, for black men, for women, as you move along that distribution eventually they all face a penalty.”

Weinstein said veterans looking for higher-paying jobs sometimes face a stigma. She said this is likely due in part to businesses having little experience working with veterans.