Transportation Panel Tells DeWine to Increase Gas Tax

Feb 15, 2019

A panel of transportation experts is telling Gov. Mike DeWine that the best way to increase funding for road projects is to increase the gas tax. But their report doesn’t get specific.

The committee appointed by DeWine tallied five reasons why an increase to the gas tax is the best way to fill a funding gap. For instance, they say it’s efficient, the money can only be used for highway construction and related activities, and it’s fair because only drivers pay it.

And the committee’s report noted that Ohio’s 28-cents a gallon tax is lower than almost every other bordering state.

But while many were waiting on a detailed recommendation, but the committee shied away from a specific increase.

ODOT has said it’s facing a billion dollar shortfall, and that a penny increase would bring in $67 million in revenue, a portion of which goes to local governments.

The transportation budget must be signed into law by March 31.