Transportation Department Prepares for More Ice and Snow

Dec 31, 2017

Wray touts the plows used on snowy roads, saying they get roads back to average operational speed two hours after a storm "98% of the time."
Credit Ohio Department of Transportation

Ohio’s Department of Transportation is bracing for another round of snow and ice. ODOT Director Jerry Wray says the agency has a new system that tracks its more than 1,600 plow trucks in real time, to clear roads as soon as possible.

“We will have every mile of priority roads back to their average operating speed within two hours of the time the storm stops. And around the state for the last several years, we’ve done that 98 percent of the time.”

The last two winters have been mild, which has brought ODOT’s spending on salt near or below the 10-year average of nearly $77 million annually.