Thousands of Ohio's Untested Rape Kits Are Now Completed

Feb 24, 2018

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he has cleared up a backlog and tested 14,000 kits.

The attorney general’s office has now tested nearly 14,000 rape kits that had gone untested, sitting in police departments for up to 20 years. 

Attorney General Mike DeWine says more than 300 law enforcement agencies had these rape kits and never tested them. But now, through new laws and policies, those kits were collected and have been tested.

“Those victims have seen justice," DeWine says.

DeWine says rape kits that go untested are unfair to the victims who turn over evidence to help in the investigation.

“And then you find out five years later or 10 years later that no one ever tested it  ... was a wrong that we had to correct," DeWine.

In December of 2014, lawmakers mandated that police departments test sexual assault examination kits within 30 days of the crime.