Summit Metro Parks Receives Grant to Restore Valley View Water and Land

Jul 24, 2018

Summit Metro Parks will use money from a recent grant to improve water quality for a section of the Cuyahoga River in its newly acquired Valley View property.

The $370,000 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Great Lakes Commission will also help to restore flood plains in the area.

Metro Parks Chief of Conservation Mike Johnson said this is a major step towards making the water more accessible for visitors.

“One of the points of doing this is so people can recreate, and we do envision a future where people have better access to the water for fishing, shore fishing, but as well as boating, kayaks and canoeing,” he said.

The money will mostly be used for design and engineering, according to Johnson.

The parks acquired the Valley View land, a former golf course, in 2016. Once restored, the land will connect three area Metro Parks.