Study Finds Improving Food Access Could Cut Medicaid Costs

Apr 24, 2018

A new report suggests improving access to food might cut Medicaid costs in Ohio.

A study from The Center of Community Solutions found that tying food access with healthcare programs could help fight food insecurity.  

Loren Anthes is the author of the report and says there are many options for reducing food insecurity in Ohio.

“Getting better resources out there to help people understand where they can go is part of it.  And I also think part of it is maybe delivery reform sort-of stuff, where we can tie in payments or tie in our understanding of value in purchasing healthcare through the Medicaid program to the specific issue.”

The report also finds addressing food insecurity could reduce the rate of chronic diseases in senior citizens.

According to the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, 16 percent of households don’t have proper access to food in the state.

Note: This story has been updated to correct the link to The Center of Community Solutions.