Stopping Spread of COVID-19 Takes Effort from Everyone

Mar 12, 2020

State officials are trying to raise awareness about the importance of everyone doing their part in preventing the spread of coronavirus. As the Ohio Department of Health explains, this is a population health crisis, and containing the virus takes a group effort.

Health Department Director Amy Acton says Ohio needs to do what it can to slow the spread of the coronavirus in order to avoid flooding hospitals with patients.

As she puts it, everyone taking precautionary measures such as washing hands and avoiding large groups contains the outbreak.

"My not getting sick is going to keep three other, two to three other people, from getting sick and that is logarithmic. Each of those people can infect two to three more and that's what you're seeing in Italy now," Acton says.

In the span of two weeks, Italy went from 60 coronavirus cases to more than 10,000.

Gov. Mike DeWine is urging people and organizations to practice social distancing, which he says can be a major disruption.