State Representative Seeks Documents from Lorain Schools CEO

Aug 30, 2019

A state representative is joining the call for the state-appointed CEO of Lorain City Schools to be more transparent.

In a letter to David Hardy, Amherst Democrat Joe Miller requested financial documents, contracts and administrator evaluations.

Hardy was appointed to the post under the provisions of House Bill 70. Passed in 2015 it allowed for the state to take control of three failing school districts; Lorain, East Cleveland and Youngstown.

Miller says the bill doesn’t give districts the help they need.

“We need that leadership, we need that language and we need the opportunity for local school districts to be given the resources to be successful.”

Miller introduced a bill to restore local control to the three districts which is awaiting consideration in the State Senate.

Hardy and the school board have been at odds over the resignation of the district treasurer. The school board filed suit. Earlier this week, Hardy sent a letter warning teachers and staff they may not be paid if  he was unable to hire a new treasurer.